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Floor Graphics

9 Dec

Floor graphics are being walked on more frequently in grocery and retail stores, trade shows and special events such as weddings. These eye catching graphics are used display directional information, sales and promotions, branding, point of purchase displays, interior design and event decoration. Creative marketing techniques have used floor graphics to create optical illusions of spilled products, missing segments of floor, a beach underfoot and more.

Floor graphics can be applied to almost any floor surface including hardwood, tile, carpet, concrete, brick and even under ice. These advertisements or branding graphics can be any size and can even cover the whole floor space. Various materials for these applications are durable for 90 days up to 4 years of eye catching impact power. We use slip resistant laminates on all floor graphic materials for the safety of your customers. Floor graphics are removable and will not damage the floor surface when removed. We also have a material for street graphics that is removed by a power washer which is great for large outdoor events and fairs.

Floor graphics help you customize your brand entirely from top to bottom. Combining floor graphics with a wall graphic or other retail signage creates a 360 degree shopping experience where your customers are completely immersed in your brand. Displaying information on the floor, which is a typically unused space, leaves more wall space for merchandise and additional sale signage.

Designs for floor graphics vary depending on the intended message and purpose. Cut lettering can be applied for a more artistic purpose such as wedding dance floors or office lobby entrances. Logos and graphic imaging can create brand awareness. A simple arrow can point lost customers in a certain direction or encourage the eye to follow right to a specific product.

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